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Luuksy is all about everyday people and their own unique looks. After all, how we put together our looks every day says a lot about our mood, comfort level, heritage, desire to stand out or fit in, and so much more … Luuksy is all about sharing your style; it’s a celebration of real people and real looks. We’re excited for you to stop in and take a luuksy!

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May 14, 2016 / Lucy

Welcome to Aroma Mocha café at Luuksy. Stories shared among a circle of friends that some tie back to elementary school! While bonding with the same interests, dance, music, travel, food, and of course their LOVE of COFFEE – they all come from varying backgrounds and with an array of life pursuits and ambitions.


Coffee Addiction – Writing on coffee designed by James Hoffmann

Friends follow our ups and downs, and can be at times admirers, counselors, and cheerleaders. Join us as we virtually gather to chit chat about life, style, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship… It’s a coffee chat with a heaping spoonful of style and a pinch of everyday life laughs among friends.

Brew a big pot of java and pull up a seat at the Aroma Mocha Café. “Who are the chatters?”


April 29, 2016 / Lucy

Some people search for the definition of chic style and others seem to inherently ooze that poised elegance without breaking a sweat. Meet CC – her outward beauty defies the laws of natural aging, but it’s how her style so perfectly reflects her love of classics and sheer poetic elegance that caught my eyes.


“When I look into your eyes, I tend to lose my thoughts”

I admire her rich literature knowledge and strong values as well as her pristine and stylishly crafted fashion.

Authors have a way with pairing just the right words in the proper order to bring delight to the reader’s mind – CC has shown us that personal style can definitely work the same way; it can be the perfectly personalized outward expression of a writer’s gift.


April 17, 2016 / Lucy

It’s been said that dance is a delicate balance between perfection and beauty. That statement certainly rings true for wife, mother, and captain of the YSY Dancers, Kimberly Shen.


The Perfectionist

K embraces her sophisticated stylings while many shy away from the term “perfectionist” – it’s a label K’s friends and family know she invites. Redefined elegance, a common thread that runs through not only her choice in clothing but her home décor, pursuit of dance, and even her pet, Lychee, who definitely benefits from her Mom’s fashion sense.