Walking on the Luuksy runway one day in pink…

photo 1

Everyone has a color that just adore but they’re just not sure that color loves them back. For me, it’s a super soft pink. I find myself constantly eyeing and ripping out pictures from random magazines of the perfect blush-colored outfits and accessories.

In truth, I have been searching for pink outfit to wear for years. I’m starting to wonder if I was not destined to be donning this perfect hue. I have to admit, part of my fear comes from the fact that I never really thought pink went great with my hair color and skin tone. Since those two items were not changing shades anytime soon, I resigned myself to the thought that I’d just admire this soft, angelic looking pink shade only on others. That seems a bit silly to me now and I’m determined to find my ideal blushy outfit this season.

I’ll be checking out the Luuksy community to find my inspiration and when I do score the pink outfit I’ve been ohhhing and ahhhing about for quite some time, I’ll be posting a pic to get your thoughts. Got that sweet pale pink outfit or accessory that you just love? Let’s see them. Summer 2015 is going to be the season of pink for this girl!